November 16, 2011

tom and jerry ♥

heyhooo, fellas! udah lamaaaaa banget gak nge blog mwehehehe, i've been busy lately *sok sibuk* :p okaaay, today i wanna tell you bout one-of-my-all-time-favourite-cartoon, tom & jerry! i guess all of ya guys already know it, but to remind you, here's some pics of it

cute tom :3

adorable jerry <3

nah, akhir-akhir ini, entah gimana, tiba-tiba aku keinget ni kartun. dan alhasil aku searching di youtube, dan nostalgia ma beberapa episode nya yang aku inget :D

the hollywood bowl - i do love the orchestra which played the 'die fledermaus overture' song from j. strauss II <3

the cat above and the mouse below - me likes the song, 'largo al factotum' :D

the solid serenade - no one can resist the temptation to sway when heard the 'is you is or is you ain't my baby' song :p

the cat concerto - my favourite! this episode made me fall in love with 'hungarian rhapsody no 2' from franz liszt :D

and many many more episodes that always success to make me laugh out loud till my stomach cramps *okay ini lebay :p* but seriously, guys, 'tom & jerry' is so damn funny, dan gak bakal mbosenin buat ditonton berkali-kali :D

okay, i think thats enough from me, selamat bernostalgia ma tom & jerry dan selamat mengingat masa kecilmu dulu :p me outting ♥

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  1. its very sad today i search many blogs all video delete by youtube do not wary i have all videos here the cat concerto tom and jerry