January 21, 2012

quick-random-post: some great film score composers!

alohaaa ~ long time no post. kl pun nge post pasti post tugas buahahaha. well i've been very busy lately *halah* *alesan basi :p* dan males buat ngetik-ngetik di blog, so please forgive my laziness *sungkem*
owkaaay, sebelum aku kasitau apa tema yg bakal aku bahas di post ini *halah*, lemme ask a question, "pas kamu nonton suatu film, hal-hal apa aja sih yang biasanya kamu perhatiin?" umumnya, orang-orang bakal jawab: jalan ceritanya -absolutely- then aktor/aktrisnya, efek visual, kostum, setting tempat, dan yak, backsound a.k.a film score nya! so in this post i'll tell bout some famous film score composers yang (mungkin) gak semua orang sering perhatiin *so sotoy, me knows :p*

  • hans zimmer. from german, active since 1977 till now.
composed the scores for these films: the lion king, the dark knight, inception, pirates of the caribbean series, sherlock holmes, the da vinci code, rain man, MI2, pearl harbor, and many many mooooreeee. my favourite scores (so far) are from inception and pirates of the caribbean series, especially this one, "dream is collapsing" from inception:
and this one, "he's a pirate" from potc-1:
or this one, "he's a pirate" from potc-2:
he is h-u-w-o-w. i know. everybody knows. *sembah* dan sekarang jadi kepikir, kl emang germany itu gudangnya para composer hebat ya, such as beethoven, mozart, bach, haydn, handel, brahms, schumann, and many many more. and now look at the one that we were talking about, zimmer. another great germany composer. #fuckyeahgermany! *halah* 
for further information bout his other score films: googling it *:p* or check this one
  • james horner. from america, active since 1979 till now.
composed for these films: titanic, avatar, the mask of zorro, troy, a beautiful mind, jumanji, braveheart, star trek II, star trek III, etc. my favourite scores (so far) is titanic. *karena emang baru itu yg kudenger juga :p* click here for more information bout his works.
  • howard shore. from canada, active since 1978 till now.
composed scores for these movies: lord of the rings trilogy, silence of the lambs, mrs. doubtfire, that thing you do, the game, the aviator, the departed, eclipse, etc. since the scores from 'that thing you do' film is the only score from shore that i ever heard, so that one is my favourite :p click here for more info.
  • alexandre desplat. from france, active since 1992 - present.
composed for these movies: the queen, the golden compass, the curious case of benjamin button, new moon, julie & julia, the ghost writer, the king's speech, harry potter & the deathly hallows part 1-2, the tree of life, the ides of march, etc. my favourite (so far): scores from harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2 film. epic. especially this one:
more info bout his works: click here.
  •  michael giacchino. from america, active since 1995 - now.
composed for the score of this movies: the incredibles, MI3, MI4, ratatouille, up, cars 2, 50/50, etc. my favourite (so far): up, definitely! esp this one, "married life"!
p.s: i always cry everytime i see this vid. huks. ah and for further information, there you go. 
  • john williams, active since 1952 - present.
composed for these movies: jaws series, star wars series, superman I and IV, E.T, empire of the sun, indiana jones series, home alone I and II, saving private ryan, jurrasic park I and II, harry potter I II and III, catch me if you can, minority report, the patriot, the terminal, war of the worlds, memoirs of geisha, the adventure of tintin, and many-many-many-more. gosh, this man is amazing. my favourite (so far): yea i need to say this-cliche-reason, since the scores from 'harry potter & the sorcerers stone' movie is the only score from williams that i ever heard, so that one is my favourite :p but i do love it, i think y'all already familiar with this one.
frankly, aku sempet lupa sama bapak yang satu ini. iya, sebagai fans harry potter aku merasa gagal *halah* anw, need more info? click here, fellas.
sebenernya masih banyak lagi composer score film yg lain. tapi cuma 6 orang diatas yg (kayaknya) aku pernah denger karyanya :p so if you wanna know more bout those composers, go googling it. you can do it by yourself, don't you? come on, don't be a spoiled brat :P

anw, you guys need to watch this video. it was performed by my university marching band, marching band citra derap bahana (or you can call it wif 'mb cdb') at gpmb 2011 event on istora senayan, jakarta.

and no, you wont see me on that video. *deep sigh* ah anw mb cdb had rank 5th in that competition, congrats to the band! :D
i guess that's all that i can say (or write) for now. thankyou for reading, fellas, and good night!

source: wikipedia, of course #fuckyeahwikipedia and youtube. and google. and yes, i do what the indonesian tv shows do. its a sarcasm, anw, if you don't get it. blah.

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