February 27, 2012


greetings, fellas! long time no see :p well today i dont feel like posting anything, actually, i'm too sleepy to write D: *alibi* yea at this post i just wanna say hello to you all, people, and ask your kindness to forgive me cause i never update this blog for almost 2 months D: *sok shock berlebihan* this college life thingy is more exhausting than before, the lessons are getting harder, must arrive at campus by 7 AM and back to home at 5 PM, those killer lecturers, etc etc etc. but i'll try to enjoy those moment and do the best! *this previous statement was a lie, absolutely* actually i really want to change the blog's layout, but i'm too tired, busy, and lazy to do it -__- hahaha but i'll do it soon, i promise :p
well, i think thats enough for now, heheh. see you soon, i mean, really-really soon mwahahaha *halah* goodbye goodbye!

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