September 19, 2010

the first.

i dont know why, but suddenly, im thinking of you.

the first man who picked me up.
the first man who drove me home.
the first man who went with me alone.
the first man who went with me till nite.
the first man who commented by my father.
the first man who asked me to be his co-pilot.
the first man who protected me at that moment.

the first man who said, "i dont wanna lose you."

only a day. well, maybe two days. but i really love that moments. that were special, you know?

aaaah. for me that were special. but for you? maybe for you, that just some ordinary days, and ordinary moments. maybe you forget it already. thats not your fault, actually, because i know you have experienced so many moments, and those moments must be more special for you than this.

and i knew that your special moments are when you spent your days with her, the girl that you really love.

im not your girl, im not your besties, im just your ordinary friend.