September 18, 2010


a half and a year. yea, congrats for you, you already with her for a half and a year, rite?

but maybe you dont know, that i love you for four years

haha sounds pathetic rite? i mean, 4 years? and you never know bout my feelings? in fact, i also dont know why im crazy in love with you. we never met before, we never have a long chit-chat, we never go to cinema together, blablabla. haha maybe if i didnt add you, you dont even remember me

and you already have a girl since a half and a year ago. i knew it, i cried because of it, and tried to move on. i said to my bestfriends that, finally, i can forget you. but the truth is, i cant. till now. i dont know why. i always open your fb, twitter, blog, and i cant stop this bad habit, gosh

i always open your gf's sites too, you know?

and everytime i open you gf's blog, i wanna cry. everytime. because you have great lovestories. but with somebody else, not with me. haha how pathetic you are, ama

but why the hell i cant stop search any information bout your lovelife? why i cant stop open your gf's blog?