September 01, 2011

at this moment

what did you thinki would do at this moment?when you're standing before mewith tears in your eyestrying to tell me that youhave found you anotherand you just don't love me no more
and what did you thinki would say at this moment?when i'm faced with the knowledgethat you just don't love medid you think i would curse youor say things to hurt you?'cause you just don't love me no more
did you think i could hate youor raise my hands to you?come on, you know me too welland how could i hurt youwhen darling, i love you?and you know that i could never hurt you

what did you thinki would give at this moment?if you just stayi'd subtract twenty years from my lifei'd fall down on my kneesi'd kiss the ground that you walk onif i could just hold you again
i'd fall down on my kneeskiss the ground that you walk on, babyif i could just hold youif i could just hold youi would fall down, down on my kneesoh god, pleaselet me hold you again, let me hold youagain..
i'm gonna miss you, girli'm gonna miss you, girl
i can see the tears in your eyes, babyi'm down, you know, i'm down on my kneeswhat did you think i would do, babe?
this is the saddest lyrics i've ever seen. michael buble - at this moment

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