January 01, 2014


2013 had been an amazing year. i've experienced and learned A LOT. KKN, magang. bertemu dengan orang-orang dan sahabat baru. fell in love (again), broken heart (again), moved on (again). found out the real and the fake friends. knew that overthinking will kills you. merasakan langsung bagaimana kita bisa depresi pada satu hari dan merasa sangat bahagia pada hari berikutnya. menjadi saksi bahwa kematian itu sangatlah dekat. mengalami sensasi-sensasi baru. mengetahui bahwa masa lalu bisa sangat menghantuimu. and learn one thing: when you lose it, it will be shown that actually you've already had many things that greater than the one that have gone.

one of the best line that i've got on 2013:
please, please, dont be afraid to do what you want, to dream as big as you can, and to live as happy as you can be.

thankyou for the lessons, 2013, and goodbye :)

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