October 31, 2015

sometimes you face some problems, and then you're going to your closest ones, hoping that they'll help you. hoping that they'll give some advice, know how to solve it all, or even better, they'll hold your hands and say, "let's fight this battle together."

but when you come, you don't get them all. because they're too busy, they're struggling their own problem too. they want to help you, but they can't. because they're in pain too. you forget that everyone has their own problem. 

so, expect less. everyone has their own battle... and mostly you have to fight it all alone.

...because God thinks that you're strong and tough enough to face it all by yourself.

but then, think again. do you really all alone? the truth is, you're not. let's say you're a gladiator that gonna enter the arena. yes, you have to fight the battle alone, nobody will/can help you at the arena, but outside the arena, there are some audiences that cheer you up, or prepare your food before the battle, or even polish your weapons. so yea, just like what the liverpudlian always say, "you'll never walk alone." there are still some people that show some attentions, even the tiniest one, just like simply say "be strong," or "awas kl kamu jadi tambah kurus lagi, tak bikin jadi tengkleng." these kind of people, who still try to support you no matter how difficult their life is, are the kind of people that you have to always keep.

and don't forget to always show some attentions to people around you.. you don't know how your simple "keep fighting," or "you're strong, you can pass it." probably can really bring them up.

have a day, people.

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