November 03, 2015

i'm not this kind of girl. not for now.
i'm not in the mood for wearing the mask, pretending that i'm strong...
pretending to be something that i'm not.
no, not because i'm a drama queen. nor looking for attention.
i'm not hoping anybody's attention. i do realize that everybody has their own problems, their own battles.
they've been busy with their life.
and i have to fight my battle all alone.
so once again, no, i'm not an attention seeker.
i'm just tired.
yea, i also do realize that i'm not the most miserable one here.
there are people out there that have worse problems than me.
but, i also have a right to be tired, no?
and once in a while, i don't wanna fake it.
i don't wanna pretend that i'm fine. cause i'm not.
i wanna express what i feel right now.
here, in my own blog.
you can say i'm immature for posting my problems and emotions on internet...
and i don't care. for now.
besides, gue posting juga di blog gue sendiri yang notabene-nya gak bakal ada yang baca...
and i don't even know gimana elu, dear readers, bisa tetiba nyasar ke blog ini?!
so yea, judge me all you want.
i don't need anybody's permission to be weak.

or come here, sit with me.
let's be weak together, for a while.
before we continue to face our own battles.

and one day we'll be strong enough, we don't need to fake it anymore.

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