December 05, 2015

i hate that after months, i still can't function properly.
i hate for still not okay.
i hate for being weak.
i hate it when i went to the beach, the place that i love so much, i still can't completely happy.
while he went to the place we visited together, he probably had no problem and felt completely fine and happy.
i hate it cause i went to the beach with someone else, but he was the one that i'd been thinking of.
i hate for forgetting how to be happy while my happiness should be depends on no one but me.
i hate that i can't completely continue my life, while he probably can.
i hate my inability to completely remove him from my mind. what spell do you use on me?
i hate for being so angry on him right now. and miss him at the same time.
i hate the fact that whenever i feel that i've move on, then i realized that i actually still in the same position as before.
i hate it cause i must be sound pathetic.
i hate for being not sure what i feel right now.
i hate for not even know do i still love him or not.
i hate for missing him.
i hate for being messed.
i hate for crying for the same man over and over again. for many different reasons.
i hate the fact that be with him is hurting, but be without him is exhausting.
i hate that i still care of him.
i hate that i must be sound more and more pathetic right now.
i hate for not knowing what to do.
i hate for being so hateful.
i hate if you ever find this post and be pity on me.
i hate him. yet i miss him more.

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