July 09, 2011

self contemplation

just blogwalking, and suddenly i found this.. err i dont know, poem? well whatever it is, i love this one, i rewrite it here so i can share it to ya guys, enjoy :)

I am a drug addict…
Confused, bewildered,
and frustrated with life.
I am a part of many things;
but a whole of nothing.
I am free on a dance floor, in a convertible,
Running with the wind at my back.
I am a slave in a classroom
In parental admiration,
In imposed silence.
I am surrounded by love,
but incapable of responding.
I hunger for learning,
But when the food is there, I push it away.
I thirst for knowledge, but I’m overwhelmed by all I don’t know and unable to fathom.
I can dream better than analyze.
My ideals surpass my insight.
My ambitions flame mighty,
Each one brighter than the last;
But ONE BY ONE I watch them die.
Consumed in conformity,
I look at most people and fear to grow up.
I look at few people and yearn to capture
one infectious spark of wisdom.
I feel life as a keen blade at my heart.
Love does not caress, it stabs me.
Emotion is my God, my persecution and joy.
The cold realism of reason
does not invite me.
More than I possess, I am possessed.
I am alive,
most alive when I can laugh
until the tears come,
or cry until the tears come no more.
In my chest throbs
the passion of a madman,
the compassion that melts me into a song’s unrestrained feeling.
They are so nearly as one.

I am pure, but pure what?
I am simple, but simple what?
I can grieve but I cannot mourn.
Death is incomprehensible!
I am impatient, because
Life is so static and stubborn.
I exult in change.
I am so rebellious
Because I am so confined
even in love.
I am cocky, because I know
I am nothing.
I am candidness, I am joy,
sorrow, pleasure,
agony in a glance.
Experience calls me to a
realism in limitation.
Ideal hold me back.
The world I know has no bounds.
But for my dreams which leap,
beyond the horizon in the sky,
I cannot grasp, only grope,
at life’s exclusive threads.
I am acting one designated role.
The depths of my soul lie untouched
for what seems a thousand years.
I am made of different substances
every day.
I am unpredictable even unto myself.
I am one moment’s glory,
another’s tragedy.
I am one day’s hope, another’s futility.
I understand only less than
I am understood…
And the greatest objective
of my understanding,
is myself.

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